Who’s Afraid to Bake A Cake

For whom do we mourn when we weep to the witness of death? ’Tis the deathly departed… Our own death imparted… The desire wholehearted… . . . . to be born when we weep to the witness of sobbing breath. For whom do we plant our purpose beyond pure fated futility? ’Tis the beloved, ’tis … Continue reading Who’s Afraid to Bake A Cake

Am I Easy?

The rainbow of the internet has only two colors. And this is the way people like it to be.  So abhorrently opposed to seeing the other colors. And this is the way people want it to be.  If only one color ever existed in the world. They'd ironically persist on inventing more.   Hidden behind words of virtuous … Continue reading Am I Easy?

The Mobile Misogynist, part 2

  With head hanging low he walks to the street and enters his silver Kia; Sunglasses shroud his darkness, as he bites processed cheese rolled in tortilla. Twenty minutes of driving, four Depeche Mode songs and he arrives at work; Songs from youth— virginity, failed expectations and bullies that lurk.     He works in … Continue reading The Mobile Misogynist, part 2

Meditations on Happiness

As a child I dreamed of living among the dinosaurs, like the Flintstones in fact.My family supported this fantastic delusion of mine with oh so perfect tact. As a child I dreamed of living in outer-space with The Jetsons and others alike. I knew this was silly, but it was nice to dream of what the future … Continue reading Meditations on Happiness

Hubris and Hedonism

I know another man.   He awakes each morning to soft chimes from his iPhone; then scrolls facebook, tumblr, path and twitter as prone. He reTweets and shares some articles on Mother Jones; solely based on their titles, to him they are complete unknowns. He climbs in the shower and washes his body face and … Continue reading Hubris and Hedonism