Am I Easy?

The rainbow of the internet has only two colors.

And this is the way people like it to be. 

So abhorrently opposed to seeing the other colors.

And this is the way people want it to be. 

If only one color ever existed in the world.

They’d ironically persist on inventing more.


Hidden behind words of virtuous sentiment:

Love, Justice, Equality and Faith.

As a blanket to quiet the demons that live within:

Fear, Pride, Ego and God.

I witness the things that crawl beyond the fence:

Chaos & Order, Freedom & Slave.


Shall I grab a gun and stand at a wall– quiet and obedient?

Will my conformity be carbon copied.

Shall I paint my face the same color as you and you and you?

Will my collectivism be neutral copied. 

Shall I decorate my spirit with things I collect from Walmart?

Will my coupons make me rich?


How can I worship a God who’s dead?

Can he be replaced so easy?

How can I be part of a class that’s dead?

Can I be displaced so easy?

How can I be part of a race that’s dying?

Am I that easy?


Just hold your wooden crucifix high in the sky

and drop it down and crush me in the eye.

Just hold your moral certitude high over my head.

and drop it down and fill me with dread.

What the fuck does it matter to me

as I know, you’ll never let it be. 


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