So, as it seems, our life can be metaphorically extended into individual, and neatly packed, units of time.  Each new day we start over and our potentiality gets reset — we shower and cleanse ourselves for a new day and hope that, as Annie says, that the sun will come out (tomorrow).  Our optimism is … Continue reading HAPPY NEW NOW!


Dearest people, of who I do not know. I sit in a false state of comfort, with my legs bent in. All I hear is the staccato of Chopin churning chaos into beauty. And this makes my eyes lose sight— all I want is sleep. Calm air pours in the window from a place I … Continue reading Estrangement.

The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

The storyline of the Coyote and the Roadrunner is pretty straight forward and, generally speaking, goes as follows: Coyote designs an elaborate plan to capture the Roadrunner Coyote poorly executes the elaborate plan The Roadrunner is dismissive of the Coyote and taunts him with a Beep Beep The Coyote is met with a tragic, yet … Continue reading The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

First Meditation from Last Meditation

For what I can remember, every night, throughout my entire life has gone through, for the most part, the same process.  The process is, generally speaking, quite anxiety provoking and it’s something that I prefer to avoid.  I have gathered from this, that this is the reason for my proclivity towards staying up late- being … Continue reading First Meditation from Last Meditation