Am I Easy?

The rainbow of the internet has only two colors. And this is the way people like it to be.  So abhorrently opposed to seeing the other colors. And this is the way people want it to be.  If only one color ever existed in the world. They'd ironically persist on inventing more.   Hidden behind words of virtuous … Continue reading Am I Easy?


Dearest people, of who I do not know. I sit in a false state of comfort, with my legs bent in. All I hear is the staccato of Chopin churning chaos into beauty. And this makes my eyes lose sight— all I want is sleep. Calm air pours in the window from a place I … Continue reading Estrangement.

Meditations on Happiness

As a child I dreamed of living among the dinosaurs, like the Flintstones in fact.My family supported this fantastic delusion of mine with oh so perfect tact. As a child I dreamed of living in outer-space with The Jetsons and others alike. I knew this was silly, but it was nice to dream of what the future … Continue reading Meditations on Happiness