The American Fetish

In the news this week, 12 citizens of the great state of Wisconsin decided that if a child points a gun at an adult, and said adult attempts to disarm the child, the child may shoot and kill this adult and this is totally fine. Beyond being merely acceptable, to some it is downright heroic. … Continue reading The American Fetish


Over the stretch of my life I have rejected a cult, been rejected by a cult and founded a cult.  But, then again, on some other level entirely, I completely do not understand the appeal of a cult. When I am a spectator from the outside looking in and examining people accepting strange beliefs and … Continue reading Being-in-the-Web

By Ballot or Blood

Dear America, A human is a human is a human.  And what happens in a society when you have a pandemic that disproportionately impacts people of color?   Does that make them less human?   What about an economic collapse that disproportionately impacts the youth and people of color?  Again, less human?  Then wrap all … Continue reading By Ballot or Blood

Trump: The American Caliphate 

Introduction There has been plenty of ink spilled on the complex issues of Trump’s moral indifference to the alt-right and their domestic terror — as there are, “good people on both sides”, so he says.  In the process of trying to decipher why it is the case that the ISIS terrorist organization is painted with … Continue reading Trump: The American Caliphate 

On Presidential Success

Posting #1 on a series of short posts to illustrate Why Philosophy Matters: One of the most common counter arguments I get from pro-Trump folk after they’ve exhausted their Sean Hannity talking points is “don’t cha want Trump to succeed?”  This question is a trap!  If you say yes, then you’ve conceded to lose the debate, but … Continue reading On Presidential Success

Is Kanye Black?

In light of the sympathetic pleasantries that Kanye West has been tweeting about Donald Trump and the tacit racist dog-whistles of the Trump administration political agenda, it seems counterintuitive that a black man would openly support Donald Trump.  So the question I will attempt to ask is:  Is Kanye black?   The prima facie account … Continue reading Is Kanye Black?

Reflecting in (and on) the Age of Trump

It has been over six months since I posted any blog post and considering that I previously posted at a frequency of every 1-2 weeks, this marks a drastic decline in my blogging frequency.  There has been no decline in my capacity, willingness nor availability to justify such a radical decline and the world has … Continue reading Reflecting in (and on) the Age of Trump

Queer People Do Not Exist: The Advent of a Political Aporia

1 — Introduction It is understood that the provocative nature of the title of this essay may paint the perception that this work is an affront to uphold a political bias. And, in that regard, I hope to borrow the curiosity and attention of the readers sympathies as we slowly unpack this essay. The purpose … Continue reading Queer People Do Not Exist: The Advent of a Political Aporia

Who’s Afraid to Bake A Cake

For whom do we mourn when we weep to the witness of death? ’Tis the deathly departed… Our own death imparted… The desire wholehearted… . . . . to be born when we weep to the witness of sobbing breath. For whom do we plant our purpose beyond pure fated futility? ’Tis the beloved, ’tis … Continue reading Who’s Afraid to Bake A Cake

An Economy of Violence

My culture tells me that we are beings who act from rational self interest.  Ahem, my irrational self interest is, clearly, unworthy of discourse.  If I am given conflict — to which I must be resolute — I must be logical and reasonable.  My emotional disposition is irrelevant, irrational and, if showcased, counterproductive.  I am … Continue reading An Economy of Violence