The Facebook Blog that Will Change Your Life!!!

The Facebook Party: My partner and I have been reluctant to attending this party but our co-workers have ensured us that it will be fine and that it is totally kid friendly too. We decided to go to this party, for the first time, on a Monday night- in hopes it would be less overwhelming, … Continue reading The Facebook Blog that Will Change Your Life!!!

Complacent & Christian

He wakes every morning at six AM without fail;  followed by a morning prayer – his head in the shower. He dresses in neat pressed clothes that smell stale;  followed by a morning commute- his head in a shadow.   He promptly arrives at work in his cheap pick-up truck; then devours a cheap breakfast … Continue reading Complacent & Christian

A Lifetime of Social Challenges

Dear Lifetime Network, I have the sincere intent to have children someday and there is a coin-flip chance that this child will be female, and as an Internet search inquiry tells me, Lifetime Network is the most popular network for women. From this, I examined your webpage and my discovery thereof has put me in … Continue reading A Lifetime of Social Challenges