Why Philosophy Matters

Anybody who has met me in person knows that I take philosophy very seriously; and the reason for this is because — simply put — in my opinion, philosophy matters.  It can be some highbrow esoteric thing that is discussed in ivory towers, but that notion only serves to uphold the problem with the practice of philosophy.  Philosophy of the study of life, the study of reality, the study of existence.  Life, reality and existence are all objects of study that all people have equal access to.

In my practice of philosophy I try to hold to three rules:

  1. Nobody is special:  The practice of studying philosophy (and the history therein) — namely, what many old-rich-white-men said throughout several millennia — does not pre-qualify anybody to having a preferential position for putting your finger on the pulse of reality.  In other words, the reality that philosophy is hell bent on examining is a reality that we all have equal access to.  Understanding technical jargon is not transcendental.  Neither the loudest, nor the most recognized name, nor the quantity or quality of publications gives anybody a preferential vantage point.  All voices matter and nobody’s special.  Listening is equally as important as speaking!
  2. Philosophy matters:  For the most part, most political disputes in society are not — necessarily so — a matter of two parties failing to understand or hear each other (although, often times that is the case); but rather it is a difference in their fundamental philosophies.  When it comes to the task of building political bridges, forging dialogue and finding middle ground between two opposing views, the best toolset for taking a step back and recognizing where the fundamental disagreement occur is through philosophy.
  3. The purpose of language is to communicate a message:  If you write something and people are unable to understand what you are trying to say, then the writer failed to properly communicate their message. Simply put.  Philosophical points should be made in the clearest language possible to communicate the desired point and message.

The purpose of this page is to highlight a series of blog posts I will be putting up that examine some current topics within American politics and tries to illustrate rule 2, while holding to rule 3 and 1.

Posted topics:

Shouldn’t we all want Trump to succeed?

Upcoming topics:

Judicial Activism

Protesting during the National Anthem

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