Is Kanye Black?

In light of the sympathetic pleasantries that Kanye West has been tweeting about Donald Trump and the tacit racist dog-whistles of the Trump administration political agenda, it seems counterintuitive that a black man would openly support Donald Trump.  So the question I will attempt to ask is:  Is Kanye black?   The prima facie account … Continue reading Is Kanye Black?

The Confederate Flag Waves in Utopia  

1. Despite Stephen Hawking's claim that philosophy is dead, every single human action made by every human in Western culture, is, first and foremost, an action with ethical implications and secondly they all contains metaphysical assumptions— alas, philosophy exists in everything we do. Something as simple as buying coffee in a consumable, non-recyclable cup from … Continue reading The Confederate Flag Waves in Utopia  

Infinite Hope

This last year has shown ample evidence that W.E.B. Dubois was right to proclaim “the problem of the 20th century [was] the problem of the color line”[1], and here and now in the 21st century the problem still persists.   Some people would insist that America is equal now and that was a problem of the … Continue reading Infinite Hope

Am I Easy?

The rainbow of the internet has only two colors. And this is the way people like it to be.  So abhorrently opposed to seeing the other colors. And this is the way people want it to be.  If only one color ever existed in the world. They'd ironically persist on inventing more.   Hidden behind words of virtuous … Continue reading Am I Easy?

Dialogues with a Christian (and How I Discovered I am a Psychopath)

I recently stumbled upon a Meme that had an image file that listed ten atrocious acts that, according to this posting, are acts the Qur’an preaches.  The purpose of this blog is not to argue religious script, so I will not go down that path, but as an example it said that Muslims must “be-head … Continue reading Dialogues with a Christian (and How I Discovered I am a Psychopath)

Pigeon qua Pigeon

This painting reminds me of a joke: You can determine how racist a white person is by the volume they say the words “black people” while among other white people at a social gathering. For example, they could be referencing some anecdotal story that happened earlier in their day and when they say “black people” … Continue reading Pigeon qua Pigeon

Ferguson and the Modern American Slave

When you see the militant-like images of Ferguson Missouri and think to yourself that they could easily be images from a distant war— well, you are right, and to be blunt— welcome to modern America. The home of the free and the land of the complacent. After the civil war and the 13th and 14th amendments … Continue reading Ferguson and the Modern American Slave

America: the Passive Terrorist

Between 1939 and 1944 Franklin D. Roosevelt received stacks of letters from Jewish refugees pleading to open up the US border to Jews displaced by the rise of the Nazi party. The majority of these letters were rejected, as it was not US policy to accept refugee’s, especially after the economic collapse of the great … Continue reading America: the Passive Terrorist

My Experiments in Racism, part 1

Several weeks ago I was at work and we were all talking and socializing after work, it was late and we were deciding what to do for dinner. Everybody involved in this conversation was white, except one person, of who was African American.   The African American co-worker made a work related comment about some ideas … Continue reading My Experiments in Racism, part 1