Hubris and Hedonism

I know another man.


He awakes each morning to soft chimes from his iPhone;

then scrolls facebook, tumblr, path and twitter as prone.

He reTweets and shares some articles on Mother Jones;

solely based on their titles, to him they are complete unknowns.

He climbs in the shower and washes his body face and hair;

Organic, honeysuckle, lavender and toxic chemical skin care.

He dry’s off with a plush towel that was handmade with love;

by an exploited and oppressed women or sex worker, thereof.


His $1k coffee maker brews and drips and works like clockwork;

fair-trade, organic, Costa Rican, almond milk and stevia- quite the perk.

His coffee creates five-times its own weight in carbon, he’ll never know;

as he half listens to a podcast of Science Friday– some neat shit, whoa!

He will convince himself that he understood what they meant;

and then he’ll repeat and brag to his coworkers, misrepresent.

He dresses and styles himself in organic and local gift wrap;

from a company that is just and equal and also owned by GAP.


He leaves for work in his blue Prius that was bought with an agenda;

but he’ll sell it before the emissions break even, what a dilemma.

He enters his cube with a cheap plastic placard in times new roman:

Social Media Guru is his title- a narcissist masquerading as a showman.

He works for a not-for-profit high tech firm that wants to save the world:

funded by the rich, to sell to the rich- capitalism perfectly unfurled.


He is a delusional,


and his default disposition is condescending;

shrouded behind Dali Lama quotes, he is effortlessly pretending.

Cabs and Shirazs and Merlots- to him, it all taste like grape-flavored booze;

he calls em Oakie and Toasty and Creamy, just like fake-flavored schmooze.

He’s a registered independent and always votes for less than evil;

he liked Occupy Wall Street on Facebook and casually seeks government upheaval.

He is a god-hating atheist with a spiritual tattoo;

arrogantly misleading and contradiction is bound to ensue.


He deeply despises Bill and the O’Reilly Factor;

the devoted fans he mocks O’boldly, a detractor.

He worships Steven Colbert like a false idol;

Boldly predictable and typically and foolishly hypocritical

A dogma, a dogma, a dogma- the tail wags and wags;

devoutly faithful to blindness- the soul brags and snags.


Perfect and grand, a life filled with egotism;

humble and whole- with hubris and hedonism.



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