The Mobile Misogynist, part 2

  With head hanging low he walks to the street and enters his silver Kia; Sunglasses shroud his darkness, as he bites processed cheese rolled in tortilla. Twenty minutes of driving, four Depeche Mode songs and he arrives at work; Songs from youth— virginity, failed expectations and bullies that lurk.     He works in … Continue reading The Mobile Misogynist, part 2

A Lifetime of Social Challenges

Dear Lifetime Network, I have the sincere intent to have children someday and there is a coin-flip chance that this child will be female, and as an Internet search inquiry tells me, Lifetime Network is the most popular network for women. From this, I examined your webpage and my discovery thereof has put me in … Continue reading A Lifetime of Social Challenges

The Logic of Beauty Trends

We need to find a way to drive sales and sell more makeup. How about we open the store early and invite our richest customers and call it a "VIP" event. That's a great idea!! But what makes this event special? We can play makeup commercials and have a raffle- everybody loves prizes! Maybe we … Continue reading The Logic of Beauty Trends