A Violent Hope

Dear Barack Obama,   I watched your ten minute impassioned speech on youtube this evening in response to the recent tragic events — which has become all too common and all too cliche’d of an expression. You onerously uttered with the exasperation of a father who has lost hope, lost options and is beginning to … Continue reading A Violent Hope

Infinite Hope

This last year has shown ample evidence that W.E.B. Dubois was right to proclaim “the problem of the 20th century [was] the problem of the color line”[1], and here and now in the 21st century the problem still persists.   Some people would insist that America is equal now and that was a problem of the … Continue reading Infinite Hope


So, as it seems, our life can be metaphorically extended into individual, and neatly packed, units of time.  Each new day we start over and our potentiality gets reset — we shower and cleanse ourselves for a new day and hope that, as Annie says, that the sun will come out (tomorrow).  Our optimism is … Continue reading HAPPY NEW NOW!

Ferguson and the Modern American Slave

When you see the militant-like images of Ferguson Missouri and think to yourself that they could easily be images from a distant war— well, you are right, and to be blunt— welcome to modern America. The home of the free and the land of the complacent. After the civil war and the 13th and 14th amendments … Continue reading Ferguson and the Modern American Slave

A Lifetime of Social Challenges

Dear Lifetime Network, I have the sincere intent to have children someday and there is a coin-flip chance that this child will be female, and as an Internet search inquiry tells me, Lifetime Network is the most popular network for women. From this, I examined your webpage and my discovery thereof has put me in … Continue reading A Lifetime of Social Challenges

Homage to Anew

  Man constructs Gods in his own projection of perfection. Man does not desire to go to heaven as an attendee, or a guest or a spectator. Man wants to build heaven and own heaven. Man wants to be perfect, be divine, be immortal, be God, himself. Man personifies God in defense of himself to create a barrier and division. Rationalizing imperfection, sin and … Continue reading Homage to Anew