The Confederate Flag Waves in Utopia  

1. Despite Stephen Hawking's claim that philosophy is dead, every single human action made by every human in Western culture, is, first and foremost, an action with ethical implications and secondly they all contains metaphysical assumptions— alas, philosophy exists in everything we do. Something as simple as buying coffee in a consumable, non-recyclable cup from … Continue reading The Confederate Flag Waves in Utopia  

We Dance (at Phish)

In the summer of 2012 I embarked on a road trip to The Gorge music venue in Washington to see Phish with a few friends.  I was not then, or am I now, a Phish fan, but I have never been one to turn down a road trip and an adventure.  I have always been … Continue reading We Dance (at Phish)

Facebook: the Religion of the Future

If Facebook was marketed as a church, would you have joined?  Does Facebook give you a sense of community— does it help create a feeling of connection?    Does it give you an outlet to express the trials and tribulations of your life and are these expressions met with positive and helpful reinforcements?  Is there … Continue reading Facebook: the Religion of the Future