So, as it seems, our life can be metaphorically extended into individual, and neatly packed, units of time.  Each new day we start over and our potentiality gets reset — we shower and cleanse ourselves for a new day and hope that, as Annie says, that the sun will come out (tomorrow).  Our optimism is … Continue reading HAPPY NEW NOW!

God Doesn’t Love Us

Right now as I type this essay, I wonder if God is up there smiling or not? What is the emotional disposition of the creator— Gods eye? Does he stand over his domain with pride — was all this his plan? The go-to theistic response to tragic events, like the holocaust, is usually something like: … Continue reading God Doesn’t Love Us

Facebook: the Religion of the Future

If Facebook was marketed as a church, would you have joined?  Does Facebook give you a sense of community— does it help create a feeling of connection?    Does it give you an outlet to express the trials and tribulations of your life and are these expressions met with positive and helpful reinforcements?  Is there … Continue reading Facebook: the Religion of the Future

Homage to Anew

  Man constructs Gods in his own projection of perfection. Man does not desire to go to heaven as an attendee, or a guest or a spectator. Man wants to build heaven and own heaven. Man wants to be perfect, be divine, be immortal, be God, himself. Man personifies God in defense of himself to create a barrier and division. Rationalizing imperfection, sin and … Continue reading Homage to Anew