A Police Badge is a Hollow Void of Nothingness

The recent media attention has centered around incidents of perceived law enforcement abuse that have become a catalyst for riots stretching across three continents. Incidents, such as these, have been a constant reality and potentiality in poor urban areas for a long time and the recent attention is the product of switching the collective focus … Continue reading A Police Badge is a Hollow Void of Nothingness

The Dollars & Sense of Pragmatism in Affirmative Action

On October 17th, 1979, I was born. At this time, did I have any value that was transferred over from my parents and ancestors? At one point in time my family was used as a pawn by the King of England to steal land from the Irish and force out the Catholics. Should I, on … Continue reading The Dollars & Sense of Pragmatism in Affirmative Action

A Lifetime of Social Challenges

Dear Lifetime Network, I have the sincere intent to have children someday and there is a coin-flip chance that this child will be female, and as an Internet search inquiry tells me, Lifetime Network is the most popular network for women. From this, I examined your webpage and my discovery thereof has put me in … Continue reading A Lifetime of Social Challenges

to the Hypocritical Christian

A Letter to a Christian, I have recently had some conversations with several Christian friends about the notion of same-sex marriage and I thought I would examine this in further detail. I have heard them say that it is not a matter of discrimination, because people who are gay or lesbian have an equal right … Continue reading to the Hypocritical Christian