The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

The storyline of the Coyote and the Roadrunner is pretty straight forward and, generally speaking, goes as follows: Coyote designs an elaborate plan to capture the Roadrunner Coyote poorly executes the elaborate plan The Roadrunner is dismissive of the Coyote and taunts him with a Beep Beep The Coyote is met with a tragic, yet … Continue reading The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

On Vaccinations (and Burritos)

Sometime last year I was having a post-work cocktail with a colleague, of whom I have become positively acquainted with. He and his partner, at that time, happen to be expecting parents and the topic of childhood vaccinations came up.  I expressed that I was undecided on vaccinating my (future) children and I was refuted with, … Continue reading On Vaccinations (and Burritos)

on Cancer

My motivation for writing this blog is not to upset people or to dismiss the wonderful work people are doing in cancer research. I am writing this to open the door to the notion that cancer could be thought, to a degree, as self-inflicted and it would be prudent to put effort into negating this infliction. … Continue reading on Cancer