God Doesn’t Love Us

Right now as I type this essay, I wonder if God is up there smiling or not? What is the emotional disposition of the creator— Gods eye? Does he stand over his domain with pride — was all this his plan? The go-to theistic response to tragic events, like the holocaust, is usually something like: … Continue reading God Doesn’t Love Us

Facebook: the Religion of the Future

If Facebook was marketed as a church, would you have joined?  Does Facebook give you a sense of community— does it help create a feeling of connection?    Does it give you an outlet to express the trials and tribulations of your life and are these expressions met with positive and helpful reinforcements?  Is there … Continue reading Facebook: the Religion of the Future

The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

The storyline of the Coyote and the Roadrunner is pretty straight forward and, generally speaking, goes as follows: Coyote designs an elaborate plan to capture the Roadrunner Coyote poorly executes the elaborate plan The Roadrunner is dismissive of the Coyote and taunts him with a Beep Beep The Coyote is met with a tragic, yet … Continue reading The Coyote, the RoadRunner & the Genesis of God

First Meditation from Last Meditation

For what I can remember, every night, throughout my entire life has gone through, for the most part, the same process.  The process is, generally speaking, quite anxiety provoking and it’s something that I prefer to avoid.  I have gathered from this, that this is the reason for my proclivity towards staying up late- being … Continue reading First Meditation from Last Meditation

Homage to Anew

  Man constructs Gods in his own projection of perfection. Man does not desire to go to heaven as an attendee, or a guest or a spectator. Man wants to build heaven and own heaven. Man wants to be perfect, be divine, be immortal, be God, himself. Man personifies God in defense of himself to create a barrier and division. Rationalizing imperfection, sin and … Continue reading Homage to Anew