A Theory of Violence

1— Introduction If we wanted to successfully advance practices that serve the means of reducing violence, it would be prudent to first understand what violence is and, a fortiori, what causes it to be.  And, any theory that must adequately explicate a concept must be inclusive of multiple modes of it’s existence, in addition to multiple … Continue reading A Theory of Violence

The Long Con

I recently read an article about the how Virgin Atlantic is going to start offering unlimited vacations to their employees. Following the trend started by Netflix and many other high tech companies. This seems like a pretty good deal— on the surface. But we will explore this more later. First I want to explain how … Continue reading The Long Con

A Child, is a Child, is a Child

I am writing this blog while sitting in my living room on my chaise lounge, the ceiling fan is slowly turning and I am comfortable and safe. Today I went to work and earned a wage and the government took a percent of my pay and put it towards the collective good of the state. … Continue reading A Child, is a Child, is a Child