A Theory of Violence

1— Introduction If we wanted to successfully advance practices that serve the means of reducing violence, it would be prudent to first understand what violence is and, a fortiori, what causes it to be.  And, any theory that must adequately explicate a concept must be inclusive of multiple modes of it’s existence, in addition to multiple … Continue reading A Theory of Violence


Part 1: Today is a Wednesday and for the most part, as far as the world is concerned, it is a day of very little significance.   There are wars being fought, people dying and people being born.  Today is normal.  However, as far I am concerned, today is very different.  Today is the day … Continue reading Geworfen

From a Human to a Human

Dear Rush Limbaugh, In regard to your radio program that aired on August 12th, 2014.  You received a question from a listener asking if the motivation by the media to put a lot of attention on Robin Williams was political.  The caller asks why they are lingering on such a topic, while other issues like “Iraq, … Continue reading From a Human to a Human