I Hate New Years

(An homage to Antonio Gramsci)   Every night I die only to be reborn the day's next; and this is my new day, new birth and my new year. I reject the notion of the typical New Year that comes to pass with each year in clockwork, affixing my life to a timeline, to an agenda, to … Continue reading I Hate New Years

The Long Con

I recently read an article about the how Virgin Atlantic is going to start offering unlimited vacations to their employees. Following the trend started by Netflix and many other high tech companies. This seems like a pretty good deal— on the surface. But we will explore this more later. First I want to explain how … Continue reading The Long Con

The 21st Century Proletariat

            In the summer of 1936 the world was unstable: the fascist Nazi party in Germany prepared for the 1936 Olympic games; Mussolini, Italy’s dictator, pragmatically decided to become Germany’s ally; a heat wave plagued the depression ridden United States, which still suffered from Calvin Coolidge’s economic deregulation of the … Continue reading The 21st Century Proletariat