A Letter to America

4 July 2015 Dear America (circa 1786), Today is your 239th birthday and in all honesty, you don't look a day over 10. Things here in 2015 for the most part look very similar to the nice bright-eyed childhood you remember. There are still some folks who are all up in arms over taxes being used … Continue reading A Letter to America

The Long Con

I recently read an article about the how Virgin Atlantic is going to start offering unlimited vacations to their employees. Following the trend started by Netflix and many other high tech companies. This seems like a pretty good deal— on the surface. But we will explore this more later. First I want to explain how … Continue reading The Long Con

Why Columbus Day Should Remain

Recently there’s been some buzz about the city of Seattle renaming Columbus Day to ‘Indigenous People Day’.  This contentious decision has been polarizing, which is akin to the argument between writing ‘happy holidays’ or ‘merry Christmas’ on your late December greeting cards.  However, in online polls I have researched it seems that 70% of the people … Continue reading Why Columbus Day Should Remain