on Health Insurance Costs

Gym membership = $25 p/month Regular gym visit= $1 co-pay  (actual cost is $8 each time you visit) Spin class = $5 co-pay (actual cost is $40 each time you attend) Personal trainer assessment = $100 (actual cost is $800) Personal trainer session = $150 p/hour (actual cost is $1200 p/hour)   One year of … Continue reading on Health Insurance Costs

The 21st Century Proletariat

            In the summer of 1936 the world was unstable: the fascist Nazi party in Germany prepared for the 1936 Olympic games; Mussolini, Italy’s dictator, pragmatically decided to become Germany’s ally; a heat wave plagued the depression ridden United States, which still suffered from Calvin Coolidge’s economic deregulation of the … Continue reading The 21st Century Proletariat