I Want My Fucking Cocaine!

As I walk my dog around my neighborhood the only thing I see are signs advertising food, soda, snacks and, in all reality, basically crap.  Sugar laced crap.   Although, in some deep and dark place I think I am really just envious.   Everybody is walking around hyped up on sugar— it’s just unfair!  … Continue reading I Want My Fucking Cocaine!

on Health Insurance Costs

Gym membership = $25 p/month Regular gym visit= $1 co-pay  (actual cost is $8 each time you visit) Spin class = $5 co-pay (actual cost is $40 each time you attend) Personal trainer assessment = $100 (actual cost is $800) Personal trainer session = $150 p/hour (actual cost is $1200 p/hour)   One year of … Continue reading on Health Insurance Costs

On Vaccinations (and Burritos)

Sometime last year I was having a post-work cocktail with a colleague, of whom I have become positively acquainted with. He and his partner, at that time, happen to be expecting parents and the topic of childhood vaccinations came up.  I expressed that I was undecided on vaccinating my (future) children and I was refuted with, … Continue reading On Vaccinations (and Burritos)