The Cra Cra Train

You can say it is like we are all on a train and we are headed toward a total train wreck because both the train and tracks are old and faulty.   Clinton wants to lay fresh new tracks as Obama has been doing and let the broken train keep on, keepin' on and thinks … Continue reading The Cra Cra Train

To the Hillary Supporters

Marxists expressed that sometimes members of the ruling class — or the bourgeoise in his words —  will speak the rhetoric of the socialist leadership, show empathy for the plight of the proletariat and will even say that they are compelled to join the rank-and-file of a socialist uprising; but, historically speaking, when the shit … Continue reading To the Hillary Supporters

An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….

This blog post is a response to the article titled An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton by Courtney Enlow on the website on 2/2/16  FIRST AND FUCKING FOREMOST, COOL, YOU LIKE HILLARY AND BELIEVE THE FANTASIES OF HER BULLSHIT AND POLITICAL SLIGHT OF HAND — THAT IS YOUR PREROGATIVE.   HOW … Continue reading An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….