The Cra Cra Train

You can say it is like we are all on a train and we are headed toward a total train wreck because both the train and tracks are old and faulty.
Clinton wants to lay fresh new tracks as Obama has been doing and let the broken train keep on, keepin’ on and thinks fixing the tracks will some how fix the train.
Trump keeps saying, “don’t worry man, I got this… I have ran several businesses and I’ll make this train Great again” then he toots the horn and puts on a stupid red hat and rudely asks if I can scour the train for any unnecessary weight — like minorities and muslims — so I can toss them out the window.
Cruz hasn’t fully comprehended the complexity of the problem and thinks if we put the petal to the metal and gun it our train can push right through the treacherous tracks…. Cruz does not understand how trains work.
Sanders wants to slow the train down to a stop, get off, build a super expensive rocket-ship and attempt to bypass the problem altogether. He also somehow managed to find the time to pack a bag lunch for every single American that included a personalized, hand-written note that is both loving and affirming.
Carson started to say something, but i got bored and accepted train wreck death over waiting for him to finish his thought.
Kasich spent hours discussing how he fixed all the trains in Ohio: he fixed them by taking money from poor people and then gave it to rich people, who sold him overpriced duct tape that he used to cobble together a MacGyver solution in exchange for campaign financing. He used the remaining funds to buy 5 million red hats that said “Make The Train Good Again” — which are now available on eBay for 5 cents on the dollar.
Now go ahead and make the most informed decision!


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