To the Hillary Supporters

Marxists expressed that sometimes members of the ruling class — or the bourgeoise in his words —  will speak the rhetoric of the socialist leadership, show empathy for the plight of the proletariat and will even say that they are compelled to join the rank-and-file of a socialist uprising; but, historically speaking, when the shit … Continue reading To the Hillary Supporters

An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….

This blog post is a response to the article titled An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton by Courtney Enlow on the website on 2/2/16  FIRST AND FUCKING FOREMOST, COOL, YOU LIKE HILLARY AND BELIEVE THE FANTASIES OF HER BULLSHIT AND POLITICAL SLIGHT OF HAND — THAT IS YOUR PREROGATIVE.   HOW … Continue reading An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….