on Health Insurance Costs

Gym membership = $25 p/month

Regular gym visit= $1 co-pay  (actual cost is $8 each time you visit)

Spin class = $5 co-pay (actual cost is $40 each time you attend)

Personal trainer assessment = $100 (actual cost is $800)

Personal trainer session = $150 p/hour (actual cost is $1200 p/hour)


One year of service:

12 months of membership = $300

Workout (4) days a week = $208

Spin Class (2) times a week= $520

Personal Trainer 1 p/week for 6 weeks = $850


Total out of pocket expenses:  $1,878

What it cost the gym to provide services: $12,624

Gym takes a loss of $10,386.00


Despite this math, the Gym is highly profitable;

 membership is mandatory and the prices are arbitrary.  


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