Make America Fascist Again

A few months back I came up with the idea to create a Donald Trump parody website that frames Donald Trump as a matter-of-fact fascist who is trying to usher back-in an era of World War 2 style fascist totalitarianism.  And, here ya go:

I want to give a special thank you to Sanjay Perera, the editor of the Philosophers for Change website for contributing an editorial piece titled Trump Denies Knowing Anything About David Duke or White Supremacy: a Pathology of Lies on Trump’s ambiguous relationship with David Duke, racism and fascism and, additionally, I want to thank fellow philosopher extraordinaire Tricia Garcia for helping edit all the website content.

Here are a few other pieces I have written for this election cycle:

To the Hillary Supporter 

An all CAPS explosion of political discourse 

The Allure and Illusion of Trump


Democratic Debate Analysis 

Republican Debate Analysis 


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