Making Floods Great Again

Today, 8/22/16, the Trump Campaign for Greatness posted a press release stating that the Trump organization DID indeed donate a “truckload” of supplies and $100k to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund. Despite what the socialist media outlets have been saying, Trump has donated greatness — he even packed the truck and personally pre-played with all the play-doh to confirm absolute […]

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Any Given Sunday…

50+ die in a florida nightclub in a possible act of Islamic Terror.  An explosion in an airport in China.  And a car strikes 5 pedestrians in Las Vegas.   The Texas Lt. Gov. quips and retracts ‘reap what you sow’ and Google suggests the news I would prefer is how the presidential candidates react.  The […]

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The Cra Cra Train

You can say it is like we are all on a train and we are headed toward a total train wreck because both the train and tracks are old and faulty.   Clinton wants to lay fresh new tracks as Obama has been doing and let the broken train keep on, keepin’ on and thinks […]

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Make America Fascist Again

A few months back I came up with the idea to create a Donald Trump parody website that frames Donald Trump as a matter-of-fact fascist who is trying to usher back-in an era of World War 2 style fascist totalitarianism.  And, here ya go:

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