Trump in the Shadow of the Hegelian Ego

On September 15th, 2016, less than two months until the U.S. presidential election, the New York Times posted an opinion editorial titled When a Crackpot Runs for President, which asked — or, rather, fervently challenged — if the media is failing in their duties to honestly frame the narrative of Donald Trump relative to Hillary Clinton (Kristof 2016).  The looming subtext that lies in the shadow of the left-right rhetorical jabs of framing Trump as the climate-change-denying-crackpot is: What happen to reason?   Hegel once proclaimed, “reason rules the world” (Hegel 12) and in light of that we can look at the reasonable efficacy of Trump’s limelight-laden candidacy as representing either a challenge to the governing authority of Reason or, with heavy hand, a challenge to the Hegelian proposition, eo ipso, as wholly and fallaciously false.  The staunchly attentive run-of-the-mill liberal response to the aforementioned inquiry would surely go as the New York Times opines and see Trump as a challenge to reason and definitely not a challenge to Hegel.  And, notwithstanding that opinion and Trump’s fascist underpinning, the devout Hegelian may see Trump as a personification of Reason’s antithesis and will remain woefully idealistic and await the dialectical resolve as Reason acquiesces itself as being both in itself and for itself — there is a Reason for everything, even Trump.  With that, and that, said, the purpose of this reflection is not to echo the persistent opinion that Trump is a threat to reason, nor is it to rescue Hegel by reveling in the ignorant veil of the known-unknown of Absolute Spirit, but, rather I ask, is Trump a challenge to Hegel? Continue reading “Trump in the Shadow of the Hegelian Ego”

Making Floods Great Again

Today, 8/22/16, the Trump Campaign for Greatness posted a press release stating that the Trump organization DID indeed donate a “truckload” of supplies and $100k to the Louisiana Flood Relief Fund. Despite what the socialist media outlets have been saying, Trump has donated greatness — he even packed the truck and personally pre-played with all the play-doh to confirm absolute greatness!!  In response to asking why the campaign can’t produce evidence that these donations were made, the Trump Campaign said “Trump’s finances are none of our business” and that “twitter statements are self-evident to any claim to greatness”.   Additionally, Trump allowed the Great people of the state of Louisiana the opportunity to have Trump visit their “heartbreaking devastation” and bring them a taste of what Greatness looks like.  Trump will help make Louisiana Great Again!

In a continued and further gesture of greatness the Trump campaign has officially made a large charitable donation worth over 65 million dollars to the state of Louisiana!   The Trump organization has generously generated vouches for 10% off 18 holes of golf with purchase of a full price round for all of Trump’s less popular Golf Resorts on weekdays during non-peak season for all 4,650,000 residents of the state of Louisiana!!   A 65 million dollar donation that will also generate almost 1.3 billion in economic impact — that means JOBS JOBS JOBS!

In a brief press conference regarding his recent acts of presidential philanthropy Trump said that he “loves floods” because they help clear the land for “amazing real estate development” and that he personally went to the most devastating parts of LA to assess the damage and was able to make “great deals” and bought up property for “pennies on the dollar”.   Trump was asked by the press if he would build a “great golf course” in his newly acquired property and he said “Louisiana is a horrible state for golf” and instead he will develop residential property and sell it back to the people for an “amazing discounted price of 5% below market value”.

The Trump Campaign refused to confirm/deny any of the aforementioned statements.

Any Given Sunday…

50+ die in a florida nightclub in a possible act of Islamic Terror.  An explosion in an airport in China.  And a car strikes 5 pedestrians in Las Vegas.   The Texas Lt. Gov. quips and retracts ‘reap what you sow’ and Google suggests the news I would prefer is how the presidential candidates react.  The world, the media and the words of discourse will become crippled to the ‘possible act of Islamic terror’ and retreat towards comfort; ignoring that the true obscenity is the “+” that follows the 50 — some lives are not even worth counting.   Continue reading “Any Given Sunday…”

The Cra Cra Train

You can say it is like we are all on a train and we are headed toward a total train wreck because both the train and tracks are old and faulty.
Clinton wants to lay fresh new tracks as Obama has been doing and let the broken train keep on, keepin’ on and thinks fixing the tracks will some how fix the train.
Trump keeps saying, “don’t worry man, I got this… I have ran several businesses and I’ll make this train Great again” then he toots the horn and puts on a stupid red hat and rudely asks if I can scour the train for any unnecessary weight — like minorities and muslims — so I can toss them out the window.
Cruz hasn’t fully comprehended the complexity of the problem and thinks if we put the petal to the metal and gun it our train can push right through the treacherous tracks…. Cruz does not understand how trains work.
Sanders wants to slow the train down to a stop, get off, build a super expensive rocket-ship and attempt to bypass the problem altogether. He also somehow managed to find the time to pack a bag lunch for every single American that included a personalized, hand-written note that is both loving and affirming.
Carson started to say something, but i got bored and accepted train wreck death over waiting for him to finish his thought.
Kasich spent hours discussing how he fixed all the trains in Ohio: he fixed them by taking money from poor people and then gave it to rich people, who sold him overpriced duct tape that he used to cobble together a MacGyver solution in exchange for campaign financing. He used the remaining funds to buy 5 million red hats that said “Make The Train Good Again” — which are now available on eBay for 5 cents on the dollar.
Now go ahead and make the most informed decision!

Make America Fascist Again

A few months back I came up with the idea to create a Donald Trump parody website that frames Donald Trump as a matter-of-fact fascist who is trying to usher back-in an era of World War 2 style fascist totalitarianism.  And, here ya go: Continue reading “Make America Fascist Again”

To the Hillary Supporters

Marxists expressed that sometimes members of the ruling class — or the bourgeoise in his words —  will speak the rhetoric of the socialist leadership, show empathy for the plight of the proletariat and will even say that they are compelled to join the rank-and-file of a socialist uprising Continue reading “To the Hillary Supporters”

An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….

This blog post is a response to the article titled An All-Caps Explosion of Feelings Regarding the Liberal Backlash Against Hillary Clinton by Courtney Enlow on the website on 2/2/16  Continue reading “An All-Caps Explosion of Political Discourse….”

On The Efficacy of Education Reform

1— Introduction

The majority of political discourse on the national stage — with varying degrees of philosophical and rhetorical decorum — is evident that the question of public education is a matter of contention and debate. Continue reading “On The Efficacy of Education Reform”