On Presidential Success

Posting #1 on a series of short posts to illustrate Why Philosophy Matters: One of the most common counter arguments I get from pro-Trump folk after they’ve exhausted their Sean Hannity talking points is “don’t cha want Trump to succeed?”  This question is a trap!  If you say yes, then you’ve conceded to lose the debate, but … Continue reading On Presidential Success

GOP Debate: Reductio ad Absurdum

I watched the GOP primary debate on youtube (so I can pause and rewind) and took extensive notes, with the goal of examining the quality of the debate (rather than the content itself).   The following is a short summary of my notes: There were 146 total response to questions. Of the 146 responses they actually … Continue reading GOP Debate: Reductio ad Absurdum

The Allure and Illusion of Donald Trump

The Allure As Carly stated, the popularity of Donald Trump is rooted in an “anger” with the politics-as-usual status quo of Washington[1], and although I agree with the sentiment of that assessment, I think the allure of Trump is more evident in the response of his GOP opposition than in the “angry” followers responsible for … Continue reading The Allure and Illusion of Donald Trump