From a Human to a Human

Dear Rush Limbaugh,

In regard to your radio program that aired on August 12th, 2014.  You received a question from a listener asking if the motivation by the media to put a lot of attention on Robin Williams was political.  The caller asks why they are lingering on such a topic, while other issues like “Iraq, Israel and Missouri etc” are more pressing.  You agreed that the motivation was political and that this is an “example of the dedication the media has to pop culture.”  You later mention that the “worldview in general [of the leftist is] one of pessimism and darkness, sadness.  They’re never happy, are they?”  In addition you give a couple idea about why you think he committed suicide.

And I have this to say, in regard to your comments:

First and foremost, to take a call that is asking if the media’s attention is politically motivated is a politically motivated question to start.  If you believe that Robin Williams was “animated in large part by the false promise of America” then maybe it would have been meaningful and interesting to do a show about that-  what is the “promise of America” and why does it seem false?  Instead you DIRECTLY made the topic political and then moved the guilt of politicizing the event to other media outlets, but in reality, you are the one that is focused on politics.

Second, your claim that the leftist, or liberal, is one of “darkness [and] sadness’.  Well, you’re right.  But you do not know why you’re right.  The world is a tragic and fucked up place, to be blunt.  And anybody who does not look at all the suffering that happens around the world and does not become burden with sadness, to me, is the person with the problem.  Maybe sitting on a throne in a radio booth — fat and happy with a cigar and chuckle is a better way for you to live life. Maybe it feels better.  Maybe living life is easy if you disconnect from the deep lump in your gut knowing that we (in America) live a life of moderate security while so many other people are clinging to desperation.  But ignoring the sadness of the world, does not mean it does not exist.  Nor does it mean that people who are in touch with it are of a weaker mind or heart.

To me, why he decided to do what he did was a personal decision and it does not matter to me.  If he wanted the world to know, he would have made means for the world to know.   Implying he did it because this or that is just noise that distracts from doing what we should be doing— honoring his life, in whatever way you find meaningful.  I once had the pleasure of meeting Robin Williams while on a gig years ago.  He had a very deep and tendering look in his eyes, a look of compassion and hope.  A look that was completely cognizant of all the pain in life, but also a look that wants to help— give back.  I do not think he felt that comedy was the cure to the disdain of humanity, or existence, but I feel he felt that it helped.  It relaxes the spirit and allows us to look forward and hopeful into the future, armed with a smile and a warm feeling inside.

His gift to humanity, in his body of work, was a beautiful and sincere reflection of the full spectrum of human emotion— as it gushed out of him like a geyser.   Why does this tragic event get so much coverage, well, it’s because we all see ourselves in him— he is a reflection of the human spirit, and when part of that spirit breaks, we all break.

Rush, from one human to another….seek compassion.




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