Can Happy Movies Lead to Violence?

A lifetime ago or so I was a film student and a freshman in college, excited to earn my chops behind a camera and become a modern day story teller.  Although, I later rerouted my GPS and changed my studies to my first true love: philosophy, I did end up learning some interesting things about … Continue reading Can Happy Movies Lead to Violence?

The Patriot Act & Alternate Realities

The ethical permissibility of the Patriot Act hinges on promoting the better good, or the means justify the end argument, in short: utilitarianism. The utilitarian argument for the Patriot Act allows it to be ethical, as it promotes the better good, and finds the loss of privacy worth the gains in security. I will contend … Continue reading The Patriot Act & Alternate Realities

The Memorial Day Illusion

Today is Memorial Day and I am bombarded with Facebook posts that are asking me to take the time to honor the men and women who have served our country and not to passively and disingenuously dismiss Monday as being only instrumental in allowing for a three-day weekend and an excuse to drink in excess … Continue reading The Memorial Day Illusion