Truth & Profanity

To the Slack-Jaw Art Critics of all political slants, There seems to be two distinct categories of adverse political resistance to this provocative photo by Kathy Griffin: A) the political left argues that it is in poor taste and side-rails conduits of reasoned political discourse and B) the political right also argues that it is … Continue reading Truth & Profanity


The Synthetic Negation of Human Progress

1. The purpose of this paper is analyze our (human) relationship to the non-human universe and how our relationship adversely impacts the environment around us; and, from this, where does this relationship come from and, more importantly, where are we going with it?  As part of this process I will contrast two different metaphysical views:  … Continue reading The Synthetic Negation of Human Progress

The Logic of Beauty Trends

We need to find a way to drive sales and sell more makeup. How about we open the store early and invite our richest customers and call it a "VIP" event. That's a great idea!! But what makes this event special? We can play makeup commercials and have a raffle- everybody loves prizes! Maybe we … Continue reading The Logic of Beauty Trends