Truth & Profanity

To the Slack-Jaw Art Critics of all political slants,

There seems to be two distinct categories of adverse political resistance to this provocative photo by Kathy Griffin: A) the political left argues that it is in poor taste and side-rails conduits of reasoned political discourse and B) the political right also argues that it is in poor taste, but also that it demeans and degrades the institution of the President of the United States.  The outcry of response forced Kathy Griffin to apologize and to claim ‘she went too far’ with this artistic work that I simply call, a work of art.   Continue reading “Truth & Profanity”

The Synthetic Negation of Human Progress


The purpose of this paper is analyze our (human) relationship to the non-human universe and how our relationship adversely impacts the environment around us; and, from this, where does this relationship come from and, more importantly, where are we going with it?  As part of this process I will contrast two different metaphysical views:  the metaphysics of Emmanuel Kant and object-oriented-ontology as rendered by the disciples of Alfred Whiteheads process philosophy.  Continue reading “The Synthetic Negation of Human Progress”

The Logic of Beauty Trends

We need to find a way to drive sales and sell more makeup.

How about we open the store early and invite our richest customers and call it a “VIP” event.

That’s a great idea!! But what makes this event special?

We can play makeup commercials and have a raffle- everybody loves prizes! Maybe we can get makeup sales reps to pitch them on new products, but they won’t actually be new- they’ll just be old products with new names. We can recycle style and colors perpetually.

Brilliant! How about we give them coffee and sweet pastries? So they’ll get hyped and excited, spend lots of money, but then afterwards, once they’re back home, they’ll feel bloated, tired and depressed. Reinforcing the idea that shopping brings pleasure. They’ll beg to come back, beg to buy more- so desirous of the high. Consumerism is like sweet, sweet heroin.

Yes!! Let’s create conditions that make their self-worth dependent upon buying our overpriced makeup and clothes. Perhaps we can get a DJ and have him spin modern music that reinforces the misogynist ideas that femininity is defined by a women’s ability to attract men.

Oh!! Great idea!! We will define beauty and implicitly tell them they’re failing at being beautiful. But there is hope! Buy our make up and maybe, just maybe, you can be beautiful, desired and immortal. It all can be yours, for the right price!!

Oh!! This is brilliant. We’re gonna be rich.

Is anybody gonna fall for this shit?