An Economy of Violence

My culture tells me that we are beings who act from rational self interest.  Ahem, my irrational self interest is, clearly, unworthy of discourse.  If I am given conflict — to which I must be resolute — I must be logical and reasonable.  My emotional disposition is irrelevant, irrational and, if showcased, counterproductive.  I am … Continue reading An Economy of Violence


The Flowers Still Blossom 

My eyes opened. I was awake and not sure why. I turned to my side and looked at the clock and it was 5:24am – the flashing lights of the alarm lit up the entire room- it blinked to a dull rhythm. Then muted in the distance I heard the phone ring and my heart … Continue reading The Flowers Still Blossom 

Any Given Sunday…

50+ die in a florida nightclub in a possible act of Islamic Terror.  An explosion in an airport in China.  And a car strikes 5 pedestrians in Las Vegas.   The Texas Lt. Gov. quips and retracts ‘reap what you sow’ and Google suggests the news I would prefer is how the presidential candidates react.  The … Continue reading Any Given Sunday…

Within the House of Mirrors (and Facebook)

1. For the tenth day in a row I woke up in a pool of my own sweat, semen and drool— and now I must,  yet again, drag and slosh through my day in a daze.  I slithered out of my bed into the pile of unfashionable fashion that has accumulated on my floor— their … Continue reading Within the House of Mirrors (and Facebook)

Learning to Die

Becoming aware of my own intoxication always seems to come to the forefront of my cognition through the same path as a wonderful idea— light-bulb flickers on and, voila, your drunk-self has arrived.  And it usually happens at some point after I have mentally drifted away for a bit and then some random and peculiar thing … Continue reading Learning to Die

On the Alarm Clock

For years I have been plagued with the ubiquitous first-world problem of the dreaded alarm clock. It does not matter what time you have to wake up, it’s a given that one's partner will need to wake up at a different time and because of this: we must set the alarm twice. This creates a … Continue reading On the Alarm Clock

We Dance (at Phish)

In the summer of 2012 I embarked on a road trip to The Gorge music venue in Washington to see Phish with a few friends.  I was not then, or am I now, a Phish fan, but I have never been one to turn down a road trip and an adventure.  I have always been … Continue reading We Dance (at Phish)

The Facebook Blog that Will Change Your Life!!!

The Facebook Party: My partner and I have been reluctant to attending this party but our co-workers have ensured us that it will be fine and that it is totally kid friendly too. We decided to go to this party, for the first time, on a Monday night- in hopes it would be less overwhelming, … Continue reading The Facebook Blog that Will Change Your Life!!!