Homage to Anew


Man constructs Gods in his own projection of perfection.
Man does not desire to go to heaven as an attendee, 
or a guest 
or a spectator. 
Man wants to build heaven and own heaven. 
Man wants to be perfect, 
be divine, 
be immortal, 
be God, himself. 
Man personifies God in defense of himself to create a barrier and division. 
Rationalizing imperfection, sin and ungodly acts. 
God is the creator of both day and night, 
light and dark 
good and evil. 
God embodies empathy and apathy, 
compassion and cruelty 
love and hate. 
God is both the loved and the beloved, 
he is I and he is you. 
We are all Gods. Every. Single. One of us. 
We are both imperfection and perfection. 
And today– a God was born, 
in the form of baby Asher James Wilde 
Happy birthday Asher! 
My religion is humanity and my faith is in you.



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